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What is Black Tech Takeover?

Black Tech Takeover is a 3-day digital conference presented by Birmingham Black Techies. The conference takes place February 3-5 and will include panels, speakers, a career fair, pre & post event networking, and a partner pitch! Black Tech Takeover is brought to you by Birmingham Black Techies —a supportive community for Black techies headquartered in Birmingham, AL, and now we are taking our experience nationwide!


Who is the event for?

Meet the Event Squad

Jaclynn Maxwell Hudson


Kellie Clark


Niesha White


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What to Expect

10+ Hours of Content

Enjoy content that's centered around Black culture, tech, and go beyond the code in technology

Engaging Panels

From Black Tech Community builders to Black VFA Fellows we've got you covered with Black excellence

Expert Speakers

Did we mention Black excellence? Come hear from the G.O.A.T.s   in their respective fields on culturally relevant and informative topics

Connect with Companies

College students and bootcamp graduates are invited to meet companies who are looking for tech talent

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