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I took a sabbatical and traveled to 17 countries and lived overseas for three years. I’ve lived in Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia. Sometimes you need to leap into the arms of faith. And into the unknown to understand how to trust the process and believe. As a clinical social worker, I coach others to do the same. To heal and create/do work that matters. What would happen to a world if everyone did work that they loved, work that changed lives, that provided a deep sense of purpose and meaning to their own? This is why I coach women entrepreneurs to remove emotional blocks so that they can thrive to continue mission driven work. I'm never not reading, never not thinking, never not finding ways to learn or finding new resources to support my clients. I'm very active and a bit of a fitness junkie. Secret multiple tabs holder (which is really, really bad for your laptop). And yes, traveling is the name of the game unless it's UNO. Kindness and play is my religion. Panelist/Speaker Elevators Grinding In The Gig/BGV - Coping With Stress & Anxiety During COVID-19 BGV - COVID-19: The Balancing Act When Everything Is Upside Down The Garden Collective - Black Women Talk: Mental Health Pure Spark - Peer Support: What Is The Difference Between Therapy & Life Coaching Monthly Support Group for BIPOC women Sponsored by BGV Sustaining Your Mental Health Abroad Sponsored by Ebony Expats 5 Key Ingredients To Shift Your Mindset, Clarify Your Vision & Get Unstuck Exodus Summit - Superwoman Complex United Women in Business Foundation - What To Expect When Seeking Therapy: A Beginner's Guide Events BGV - Support Group For Black & Brown Women Navigating White Centric Spaces Clinicians Of Color Happy Hour

We All We Got: Major Keys to Building thriving Black Tech Ecosystems
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
11:40 am
12:30 pm
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Join our panelists to learn strategies and best practices for building our own tables, and creating ecosystems that welcome and galvanize black genius.

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