Haley Hoppe

Innovate Birmingham
I'm a really passionate person and I can energize a group to care about and act on a particular mission or project really well.

Haley has a passion for economic development and social impact. Her career has spanned roles in higher education, staffing and creative agency business development, the entertainment sector, and volunteer and professional experience in several nonprofit organizations. This breadth of experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors has provided her with a unique perspective to optimize impact within the teams she works with. In the nearly seven years of her career she I has cultivated a breadth of communication, digital marketing, fundraising strategy, project management and technical skills. She currently serves as the Director of engagement at Innovate Birmingham. She believes her role at Innovate Birmingham is a perfect marriage of both her skills and her passion. Haley is energized by workforce development in the tech ecosystem of Birmingham and all the exceptional professionals she has the opportunity to collaborate with on a daily basis.

Beyond The Code: Growing a Tech Career in Birmingham, Alabama
Thursday, February 4, 2021
12:30 pm
2:30 pm
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You don’t need to live in a big tech city to grow a big tech career. Hear from local leaders on what makes the Magic City a valuable place for tech talent to thrive. Afterward, stick around to network and connect with talent leaders from Shipt, Birmingham Bound, OnBoard Birmingham, True Load Time Inc., SynsorMed, Innovate Birmingham, Bronze Valley, Regions, BBVA, Airship, Motion Mobs, & more!

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