Ime Essien

I'm greatest hype man in the whole world!

Ime Essien is a student at Morgan State University studying electrical engineering. He is a student partner at HBCUvc, a student-led investment fund dedicated to HBCU and HSI student and alumni founders. Leading the Baltimore-Washington area investment team he hosts events, assists companies, and runs partner meetings.  He also cohosts HBCUvc’s official podcast Divergent Unicorns where he interviews leading black and brown technologists on how they got started in tech. Also started several hiring and corporate partnerships for HBCUvc including Intel Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and Mark Cuban.  Ime also participated in their COVID response where he hosted weekly talks with guests tackling issues facing current students during the pandemic, created a resource database, and helped raise $100k to help HBCU students around the country before any other major response team. Finally, he led their in-house accelerator and first request for startups. Previously he was a two-time intern at Intel Capital, Intel’s corporate venture arm. At Intel Capital Ime focused on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving. He participated in deal meetings and portfolio support while developing an investment thesis in these areas. Also, hosted several networking events in conjunction with EVCA and HBCUvc.  Finally he is very active in the startup community in Baltimore where he has helped numerous startups raise capital, close customers, and recruit team members. He has cofounded urConvey, a carpooling application that participated in the Envision Accelerator in summer 2020. Now he works with Mac Conwell, an emerging manager, launching a venture fund focused on rarebreed entreprenuers.

Black in VC: What is a Venture Capitalist and how can you become one.
Friday, February 5, 2021
12:10 pm
1:00 pm
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Venture Capitalist. You've heard tech startup entrepreneurs mention them, but who are they? What do they do? Come find out.

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