Jaclynn Maxwell Hudson

Boulo Solutions/ Black Girl Ventures

Hi, I'm Jaclynn! I have over 10 years of project management and support experience in the banking, non-profit, government agency, and education sectors. Throughout my career I've learned that things move better when there's a standardized process and it helps if it's easy to follow. I've focused on creating easy processes wherever I go. I've used those same tools to effectively manage projects that make others and their teams better by learning to full scope of any issues and being able to pivot quickly. I've also never met a problem too big to solve! In addition, I'm an easygoing self-starter who loves to bring big ideas and strategic guidance to the table to stretch your business. I provide insight on client and resource management, team organization and building, client communication, and potential funding opportunities. I'm extremely interested in the burgeoning tech ecosystem locally as well as finding ways for more diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, I believe that as women go society goes so I'm super passionate about helping women to have the tools they need for whatever they feel will push them forward. I'm currently focused on learning more about VCs and how that shapes how we go forward.

Black in VC: What is a Venture Capitalist and how can you become one.
Friday, February 5, 2021
12:10 pm
1:00 pm
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Venture Capitalist. You've heard tech startup entrepreneurs mention them, but who are they? What do they do? Come find out.

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