Pariss Chandler

Black Tech Pipeline
I'm the best waxer on the planet, specifically Brazilian waxes. I can wax anyone in under 7 minutes, it'd be the most painless wax you've ever received, and it would be clean.

Pariss Chandler is creator of the hashtag, community and movement, #BlackTechTwitter, and Founder & CEO of Black Tech Pipeline. Pariss began her tech career after graduating from a bootcamp in 2017, and working as a Software Engineer until 2019. While working as a Software Engineer, Pariss was also working with employers to recruit candidates from the #BlackTechTwitter community into their companies. Eventually, juggling both became overwhelming so she transitioned into becoming a full time entrepreneur- recruiting and helping companies retain Black technologists hired through Black Tech Pipeline.

We All We Got: Major Keys to Building thriving Black Tech Ecosystems
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
11:40 am
12:30 pm
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Join our panelists to learn strategies and best practices for building our own tables, and creating ecosystems that welcome and galvanize black genius.

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